Leavenworth Rentals is a full service property management company. We handle everything pertaining to your rental property. We assess rent amounts, coordinate repairs, place ads, meet and screen prospective tenants, place a tenant in the home, provide a monthly statement and surplus check to the owner, annual tax statements, and maintenance inspections. We also provide 24-hour emergency repair service and free internet advertising including interior and exterior pictures of your rental property.

We charge a percentage fee of the monthly rent receipts. No percentage fee is charged until we place a tenant in your home. There are no other hidden or add-on fees to any maintenance charges.

Prospective tenants will receive a screening criteria form along with their application. Each individual over 18 years of age is required to apply. They are then screened in the following areas: credit, public record, employment, and previous rental history.

When a tenant reports that a repair is needed or we discover the need for a repair during one of our frequent property inspections, we first determine the possible cause. Next, we determine which party is responsible. If the tenant caused the damage then they will be billed for the cost to repair automatically as part of their monthly rent bill. If there is a repair need due to normal wear and tear then we will coordinate the repair and pay for it out of the owner’s account. The owner will receive a final copy of all invoices paid with their monthly statement.