Renting your new home

Make the process of finding your home, completing your rental application and preparing to sign your lease faster and more efficient by following a few basic steps.

Know how much rent you can pay. The guideline is 25 percent of your gross monthly income. Proportionately higher rent lessens the chance that your application will be approved because it increases the risk that you'll default on your lease.

Submit your application.  Gather documents you'll need for your application before you begin looking at houses. We will want to see pay stubs, several months' worth of bank statements, a recent--not older than 30 days--credit report, and references from your employer and current landlord.

Decide when you'd like to move into the house. Most leases begin on the first of the month and expire after a year. However, it's often possible to allow you to occupy the house early for a pro-rated rent amount.

Research available houses, and schedule appointments to view the ones you're most interested in. There also are a properties in our database.  Search using the specifications that you and your family are looking for.  Contact our office with any questions.

5  Bring a cashier's check, money order or check for the total amount due to your lease signing. We require first months' rent, plus a security deposit equal to one month's rent and pet deposit.

Walk through the house, and take note of any damage prior to moving in. We will explain items of concern and sign the move in inspection, to ensure you won't be charged for them when the lease expires.